Ruff Collar Dance

Social dis-dance

Brief introduction of the performance:

Each participant wears a Ruff Collar of one-meter diameter, dancing with local dancing music. The Ruff Collar is destroyed by body contact, while they are gradually getting close to each other.

1.  Make a Ruff Collar of one-meter diameter for each participant

︎︎︎ Make it with a fragile material, for example craft paper, carboard or plastics etc.

︎︎︎   Find your own method to create the “Ruff Collar”. All methods and forms are permitted.

︎︎︎  Make sure that your “Ruff Collar” must be a wearable device/object around the neck, with one-meter diameter or length, which supposed to remain a certain social distance.

︎︎︎  You can paint or write anything on the “Ruff Collar” if you want.

2.  Dance with the Ruff Collar

︎︎︎    At least two participants should be included, professional or amateur.

︎︎︎    Choose a piece of local popular dance music.

︎︎︎    Choose a site, private or public

︎︎︎    Dancers stand apart at extremities of the same space. Dancers put on the Ruff Collar.

︎︎︎    Put on the music.

︎︎︎    Dancers move their bodies, they slowly shorten the distance with

each other while they dancing.

︎ All dance disciplines are permitted, such as ballet, salsa, hip-pop, afro-dance and any local traditional dance. 

︎ Film your performance with a smartphone or camera, and upload the video or photo to social media platforms, such as Instagram or Weibo, or Tiktak (#Ruffcollardance #yaoqingmei DoubleDecker)