Step 1: From your monthly invoices choose one.

Step 2: In the first month of the project you will make a drawing of the bill which you have chosen. You can put the bill on a light
screen or a window with a blank paper on it to be more easy to draw.

Step 3: Find an investor, a gallery or someone who wants to pay your bill for a year or a month in exchange for the drawing.

Step 4: It will be interesting if you find a showcase to make an oversized print of the drawing (it can be a shop, a laundry, a gallery, a bank...).

Step 5: ( in case of a showcase )
With the first drawing, on the left side of the showcase you will stick the drawing bill (scan, oversize and print the original), on the right side you will stick the “receipt”.

Step 6: In exchange for the drawing, the investor, gallery... is going to pay your bill ( ...€ ), it takes around 2h to make the drawing.

Step 7: Someone from the gallery or the investor should send you a scan of the receipt with the signature and the stamp (proof of the payment). You will extract the signature and the stamp, and you will make a stencil. With the stencil, you can add new proof of the payment on the right side that it will be painted with acrylic (easy to clean after). This process takes place for 12 months, so 12 drawing in exchange for the payment of the real bills. If you don`t find a showcase just exchange your drawing bill for a year with someone that is giong to pay your real bill, 12 months, 12 drawings for a future without fees.


1. After a year the “player” will have a personal collection signed by you.

2. The “player” is going to bet on a future investment.

3. The “player” is helping you to save ...€ for a year that could be a new investment in a future project.

Let’s play and trade!