Performative Action

Working on this project does not require special technical skills, it will need to cut, glue, write, inflate balloons, retain features. Anyone can follow the instructions that will be received.

The idea of the project is to realize that we are perhaps random constructions of aspects, physiognomic, corporal data, molecules, colors, styles, concepts, affinities, tastes, pieces of spirit, formed by taking over from around or divisions of something bigger.

Thus we universalize, we identify with others, we see us in them, we see them in us.

The action involves three plans:

1. observing those around us: physical, mental and behavioral traits;

2. marking each of the common features on an inflated balloon with a marker; this is done daily / every few days; the balloons will be caught at the window, then, at the end of the month, they will be released, and the messages “nose like mine”, “voice like mine”, “ticking fingers like me” will reach a stranger, maybe with a small impact;

3. gradually making a collage of one - two photos with themselves and others with relatives, friends, actors or music stars, strangers, superheroes, magazine pictures, anyone with whom they feel they have something physical or spiritual in common or towards whom they feel attraction or repulsion, so that the pieces constitute a character, perhaps monstrous, perhaps interesting, a collective being;

WHAT WE NEED         


One month in which you daily or once every couple days allow yourself to closely look around you, in direct, virtual or fantasy reality, at work, in the house, on the street, in the market, on tv, in magazines and books, in memories, observe the physical, spiritual and behavioral features of the ones around, in sight, or remember these from past encounters, and compare them to yourself.
Collect the data, save the matching ones and write them down or mentally retain them. If you wish, you may take photos and also use them in the collage to come.

2. A CAMERA / PHONE - optional

3. A DIARY – optional
To write down in your own words and in flow all the details you see and even sketch some if you feel like, for using the drawing in the end collage or just be there for remembering and skill getting. Also a voice recorder may come in handy.

20 to 100 pieces, preferably lighter colors, so the writing stands out. To be inflated each time you have a trait, an attribute or a peculiarity to write down.

not the thinnest to be broken down by the wind, not the thickest to weigh down the balloons, about 1.5 meter for each balloon.

from which we cut out pieces of portraits that make us think of ourselves, in past, present, future, discreet, obvious, neutral, unliked, liked or ideal. You may surf the web for this as well and also you may do the whole collage digitally if you choose so. 


new or used, one or many, at least A5 paper size, which is give or take 15 x 20 cm.


10. PEN & PENCIL – optional, for the diary.

black or colored, one or many, for writing down on balloons.


1. Go outside or somewhere with people or open the TV or a family album

2. Look at the first person that comes into sight

3. Observe the outside of the body, the movement, the gestures, the tone of the voice, the choice of words, the colors and style of clothing, haircut, and any detail that you catch

4. You may document it with a photo if possible and if you wish so

5. Write down or keep in mind the traits that relate to you, your likes or dislikes, your appearance, your desires

6. Take a balloon

7. Blow it up and tie it down

8. Take the marker and write down one or more qualities or observations

9. Do that again on another balloon if needed

10. Tie the balloon(s) with thread outside the window or somewhere they can be taken by the wind up later on in our project and travel for a while until landing

11. Look up in family or friends photos or photos with yourself or strangers or pop or rock or film stars or magazines for things and details related to what you experienced today, or even other ones of your own that come to mind. You can choose to do this digitally on a computer or phone if you wish.

12. Cut the details out

13. Stick them on paper or cardboard – or do this digitally – your collective being is starting coming to shape

14. Write down words onto and around the collage if you want to: states of mind, features, locations where you saw or met the persons, names, addresses, shoe sizes, color picks, favorite songs and what not. It will function as a mini time capsule as well in this way.

15. Repeat the 1 to 14 instructions whenever you have time, completing the balloon bundle and collaged figure. If it’s too crowded for you, you may start another collage on a new piece of paper.

15. At the end of the month, cut the threads holding the balloons and see and document where they flow, if you can. Imagine how they will be found and the reactions of the finder. Be glad and happy about it.

16. Go outside and give out a collage as a present to a stranger in which you see something of yourself. Or you can do this for a friend or family or keep it as a memory.

17. Write on a social channel or in a diary or to a friend what your whole experience was and if you found out something new about yourself or the others. You may add me in CC with and maybe also Sandwich,

18. Smile

Thanks for taking part <3
Appreciate it !