Healing in progress is about creating an artwork with minimal resources from everyday routines and memories. The artwork is not just a product (a set of movements that can be recorded or not), but the process of creating it, of (re)visiting places in yourself and in the exterior spaces. An important feature of this artwork is bringing awareness to how we live and move in relation to a certain space and our emotions.

To this end, the following tools have been provided:

*A visual demo of a day in the kitchen, filmed with an app that provides filters that mimic the infrared/ thermal scanning.

* A few blueprints/ architectural plans of houses where you can see different sizes and locations, but similar features of kitchens. Traditionally people gathered around fires to warm up, to cook, to socially congregate. In time, as heat could be produced outside of the kitchen space, people moved their social interaction in other locations. Nevertheless, we spend an important amount of time in what popular wisdom calls the heart of the house.

*Two set of instructions, with audio, for you to revisit your internal and external routines and moments in time.

To this end Side A and B instructions will provide a movement/memories score that one can follow with the following specifications:

  • you should have 11 to 15 minutes to perform the exercise

  • you should be alone in the kitchen space and not have any interruptions in the process (such as phone calls, messenger chats, being called out to do something, paying attention to your pet, partner, etc.)

  • you should play the audio without reading the texts before – let the audio guide and surprise you

Side B will provide a more structured approach, that focuses on routines and working with the body, in enhancing the movement in a way that is accessible to every/body), irrelevant of the level of training in dance or movement one has. Side B can be used in junction with a psychedelic camera app that will provide a visual /thermal scan effect output to your movements.

One of the breaking points in the history of contemporary dance, in junction with visual arts, was introducing the ordinary, day to day movements in artistic representations. As such, this exercise has been created and inspired from contemporary dance practices and from Augusto Boal’s work.

Please note that:

*Both instructions can be completed separately and independently.

*Should one want to do both, it is recommendable to do first Side A, followed by Side B.

*The camera app has been selected to enhance the visual output, in the sense that it is more enjoyable to take away the focus from the esthetics of the body representation (I don’t move right, I can’t dance, etc.) to a visual representation that is fun and that, in itself, becomes a new memory created out of old ones.

*You may choose another app than the one I have worked with, there is a series of applications that use “psychedelic” effects; feel free not to use one, as well.

* My intention in using the thermal scanning effect is to take away its pandemic connotation and to provide a means of reading what lies underneath the surface.

*The audio guides provided are intended to help you unveil the surface of the ordinary day and recover parts of the wonderful journey we are all part of.

Technical to do’s for recording

*Install Psychedelic camera on your mobile phone:


(App info: https://zirodiv.yolasite.com/Private-policy.php)

*Check if you need to have the app stored on your SD card.

*Open the app, allow what is required, and ignore annoying ads.

*Open the app; make sure the Plasma filter is selected.

*Position the mobile so that you are visible.

*Select camera. Press record.