Imagine you are someone else, or something else. It can be anyone at all, or anything at all. It can be a person you know, or an imaginary character. It can be another human, an animal, or any living being that might come to mind. It can be a visitor from another planet. It can also be an inanimate entity, like an object, or some other form of inorganic matter.

Imagine that, as this entity you have decided to embody, you have an encounter with another entity. It can be a person, or another being of any kind. Address them from the new perspective you find yourself in. Do not explain who you are, or where you are coming from. Do not speak about the entity you have chosen to embody, speak as if you really were that entity. How does the encounter unfold?

Imagine the person or entity in front of you does not understand you. How does your language need to change for you to make yourself understood? Let your language become more fragmented and abstract. Practice its gradual decomposition. Use the attached visual scores as your guides. Practice this new type of communication in ten, twenty and thirty minute sessions.