Stefano Calligaro in conversation with Stefano Calligaro, and Stefano Calligaro, and Stefano Calligaro, and Stefano Calligaro, and Stefano Calligaro…

S.C. (1)
What’s your name?

S.C. (2)
My name is Stefano.
What’s your surname?

S.C. (3)

S.C. (4)
I am very happy to chat with you, Stefano Calligaro.

S.C. (5)
I am very happy to chat with you all too, Stefano Calligaro.

S.C. (6)
Do you like coffee?

S.C. (7)
I do. And you?

S.C. (8)
I do do.
I am total coffee.
I coffee very much.
I drink coffee,
speak coffee,
paint coffee,
watch coffee,
sing coffee,
read coffee,
wear coffee,
@$!t coffee.
My coffee calls me dad.
I call my coffee Stefano.

S.C. (9)
I don’t call my coffee at all.
Coffee makes me nervous.
I eat spaghetti al pesto.

S.C. (10)
Do you smartphone?

S.C. (11)
I sure do.
I smartphone all the time.
I smartphone in the morning,
I smartphone in the afternoon,
I smartphone in the evening,
at night,
I smartphone all the time.
I smartphone very smart.
My phone is my home.
My home is my smartphone.
I very very smartphone.

S.C. (12)
Are you 4 or 5g smart?

S.C. (13)
I am G8 Pro.

S.C. (14)
Does it make you go faster?

S.C. (15)
It makes me go F1.
I win races, I’m motorsport’s icon, a steering wheel genious, I am F1
People love me.
I love champagne.
This is me.
Who is you?

S.C. (16)
Total beauty, and you?

S.C. (17)
The shy guy.

S.C. (18)
Do you talk much?

S.C. (19)
I talk much to myself,
I talk boring to others.
Does it ring a bell?

S.C. (20)
Not really. I am a party animal.

S.C. (21)
Do you bark?

S.C. (22)
I roar the human jungle.

S.C. (23)
Where do you live?

S.C. (24)
Outside boxes.

S.C. (25)
Do you underwear?

S.C. (26)
Only when I want to impress people.

S.C. (27)
What else do you do to impress people?

S.C. (28)
I fArt.

S.C. (29)
Do you think you’re being funny?

S.C. (30)

S.C. (31)
Do you have any other secrets?

S.C. (32)
Just a cute one.

S.C. (33)

S.C. (34)
I’m Playboy boy.

S.C. (35)
What do you mean with it?

S.C. (36)
Long long furry bunny hears, pon pon fluffy fluffy tail, jump jump around,
many many shitty shitties.

S.C. (37)
Do you shoe?

S.C. (38)
All the time.
No inside-socks-hiding.
I’m elastic, and comfortable.
I Balenciaga shoe.

S.C. (39)
Do you like movies?

S.C. (40)
Only if they pop.

S.C. (41)
What do you do for living?

S.C. (42)
I drink water, eat food.

S.C. (43)
Is that art?

S.C. (44)
It’s total culture.

S.C. (45)
Use one word to describe yourselves.

S.C. (46)

S.C. (47)
One animal?

S.C. (48)

S.C. (49)
Do you think that humor might save the world?

S.C. (50)
Save it from what?

S.C. (51)
From all of us.