︎1 Look for people who sweat as much as possible, such as workers at a construction site, people who work out at the gym, people who are emotionally overstressed, or people who relax in a sauna. In short, all kinds of people who sweat.

︎2 Prepare suitable containers to collect and store their sweat, such as absorbent towels, test tubes or measuring cups that can be sealed.

︎3 Gather this sweat in one place and make sure there is a sufficient amount of sweat (at least one small cup).

︎4 Choose a quiet environment, a professional recording studio is best if you can find one.

︎5 Record the sweat drops on different materials and from different angular distances, recording their impact sounds.

︎6. synthesize the sounds together into a rainfall.

︎7 In the sound of rain, feel the presence of countless individuals.