come back here in October to see artwork instructions by the following artists:

Ge Yulu (CN)

Andreea Vladut (RO)

Smaranda Ursuleanu (RO)

Ovidiu Toader (RO)

Stefan Tanase (RO)

Ioana Stanca (RO)

Ioana Maria Sisea (RO)

Hu Qingtai (CN)

Yao Qingmei (CN)

Maxim Polyakov (MD)

Irina Marinescu (RO)

Monotremu (RO)

Ana Kun (RO)

Lera Kelemen (RO)

Yang Jian (CN)

Ioana-Laura Gheorghiu (RO)

Irina Gheorghe (RO)

Ana Catalina Gubandru (RO)

Yang Guangnan (CN)

Giles Eldridge (RO)

Kingson Chan (CN)

Stefano Calligaro (RO)

Catalina Bucos (MD)

Dan Basu (RO)

Liliana Basarab (RO)

Marina Albu (RO)




UPDATE: The jury selected 26 proposals (instead of 25 as planned) to be developed during the project. 

Thank you so much for all that put it time and energy to apply and we hope that you will, either way, develop your idea and find the right time and context to share it.
(All applicants were notified by email. If you haven't received our message, please email us, 

We will update this website with the final artist instructions early October 2020. 


Is it possible to create an artwork based solely on a set of instructions received from another?

Would you trust another to produce your artwork based on your initial information, without interfering with the process?

What is the right balance between written explanation, sketch, photo and video in order to explain the making of an artwork? Is technical information more important than describing the feeling the artwork should have in the end?

Could the instruction replace the artwork?

Double Decker – a project by Sandwich, Bucharest – launches an Open Call for artists from Romania, China and Moldova, of any age or background.

What we are looking for:
To apply, briefly describe the set of instructions you would like to develop: what does it reference, what kind of production process does it describe, what would the final artwork be like, what skills would someone need in order to follow your instructions and create the work, etc.
You Do Not need to send us the full set of instructions yet. Just an idea, and a sketch or two to illustrate it.

A Jury of 3 artists & curators will select 25 proposals. The selected artists will then have about a month to develop a full set of instructions for their work: a longer description and concept text will be needed, along with 3-5 images to illustrate the idea. Selected artists will also contribute to the project with a video self-portrait: a short presentation as monologue, dialogue or studio visit, of cca. 10 minutes, that will also be included on the project's website.

The 25 final materials will be published on the Double Decker website and will form a collection of artwork instructions that could inspire people to either put them into practice as they are, alter or make combinations between them. 

Through this open call, Sandwich is looking for artists that are at ease with opening up their creative process to others, that can visualize works way before they start to exist, and that are comfortable with letting go of their idea in the hands of a stranger. Double Decker questions the need for (over)production in art and provokes a transfer of ideas from author to producer. In this process, what happens to authorship and how much of the original concept is left intact afterwards? We hope that the complete collection of instructions will become a resource not just for artists, but for anyone that enjoys an insight into the creative process.

A cultural project co-funded by the Administration of the National Cultural Fund. The project does not necessarily represent the position of the Administration of the National Cultural Fund. The AFCN is not responsible for the content of the project or the manner in which the results of the project may be used. These are entirely the responsibility of the funding recipient.

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