to be performed in any way by anyone


Choose an hour of a day (I recommend the moment when you are waking up because the brain is perceiving reduced stimuli and you can focus on the activity of listening).

The location is irrelevant.
Perform at home. Perform on the streets. Perform in cinema. Perform in the park.

The Preparation
Take a notebook, pen, a recorder, a phone or a camera.

The Act
For 10 minutes listen and note the hearing sounds. The only focus should be on the activity of listening and the interpretation of it.

The notation of the sounds can take any shape and form.

Try to not be limited to the conventional writing formula. You can translate each sound in a specific shape or pattern. DRAW/ SKETCH/  CREATE A NEW LANGUAGE/ RECORD YOUR VOICE/ DANCE INTERPRETING THE HEARING SOUNDS.  Feel free to exercise the act of listening in any way you want.*

Repeat the exercise every day for at least 5 days.**

Choose a stave. The chosen timeline will be your sound pattern journal.***

Upload every day your result of the act of listening. Because there is no limitation of form and shape of sound’s translation, you can upload any file format.


Additional notes

*If you are missing a day, the blank page should be included in the journal. The silent action is very important in the act of listening.

**Optional: The process of creating the journal may look like a music score. In this case, you can create a sound/ music composition in any way you want, based on your own score.